Additional Testing Day

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Note: This Additional Testing Day Preparation Course is for AIRCREW ONLY (including Pilots, ACO’s, JBAC’s etc), as aircrew Officers are required to undertake additional testing.


So far 98.3% of the clients (over 300 individuals) that have undertaken this training course have passed their Additional Testing Day and have been offered the career they desire, with the majority of candidates receiving a high recommendation.


What you will receive in your Online Additional Testing Day Preparation Course is instant access to:


The maths book






aptitude tests




Review of resume you session page


Cert IV training and assessment


Money back gaurantee website




Here is a video demonstrating what the Additional Testing Day training system looks like:



Training Outline

Upon purchasing the training course you will receive instant access to our Client Only Area where you can download the Maths E-book, complete the training presentation and complete all of the simulation aptitude tests. A detailed process of how the training is conducted is outlined below:

  1. Once you register and have access to the Client Only Area you will be able to download the ADFmentors Maths E-Book. It covers the foundational maths that you need to know prior to commencing the online training presentation. It will take approximately 3 days to complete the maths book.
  2. Once you complete the Maths Book you will then complete the training course presentation (which is accessed through the Client Only Area). We introduce the questions to you one at a time and teach you the best techniques for answering them through videos and examples. You are then provided with a series of practice quizzes after each type of question is introduced to apply the techniques.
  3. The training presentation should take you around 16 hours to complete (you can break this up and come back to it as many times as you wish), at the end of which are 5 simulation aptitude tests. These combine all of the questions you will have learnt and directly simulate the aptitude tests you will complete at your Additional Testing Day.
  4. After you complete the training presentation you will complete 10 more simulation aptitude tests. You can complete these a few days after you finish the training presentation to keep you refreshed up until your Additional Testing Day.
  5. After you finish the presentation we will book you in for your 30 minute phone tutoring session with one of our experienced mentors where you can ask any questions that arise during the training. They will also provide you with tailored feedback on how to further improve your aptitude test scores.
  6. You will have access to the online training presentation and aptitude tests for three months after purchasing the course (during which time you can complete them as many times as you wish).



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Don’t take our word on how effective our this training is, here are a selection of testimonials from clients that have completed the training before you (names have been changed to protect the privacy of the candidates)!


Additional Testing Day and OSB Preparation Course

“The selection process for a future officer and potential pilot can be extremely lengthy and demanding. I did not achieve the required pass mark on my first YOU Session back at the end of year 11 and was left in a state of uncertainty and doubt. I stumbled across ADF mentors closing in on my additional testing, and purchased ‘The Book’. I immediately realised the depth of knowledge and experience in the book and purchased the ‘Additional Testing Day Preparation Course’. I had exactly one week before my pilot specific additional testing to complete the internet based course. By the third day of practice, I was only half way through the detailed course and already felt extremely confident in my mental math abilities. On the day of testing, I was able to complete each test in under the time allowed and had time to re check my answers, which in the case is usually extremely rare.

Reading through ‘The Book’ for pilots and completing a number of phone calls with Nick, helped me ease through the assessment day with confidence in my knowledge. Each question presented by the officer on the day was unbelievably similar to the practice questions in the back of ‘The Book’.

I also took the time to complete the ‘OSB training course’. The one day course was absolutely necessary in making sure I was 100% prepared for the 2 strenuous weeks at flight screening and OSB. The course allowed me to see visible change in my interview body language, effective question answering ability, controlled verbal pace and extremely beneficial tips on how to steer away from “red flag questions”. Nick also spent hours mentoring me on how to stand out,  and become an effective leader in the group activities conducted on the first day of Officer Selection Board. During my actual group activities at the OSB, I found it extremely easy to employ the strategies and procedures that Nick had taught me, to stand out, and to magnify my officer potential.

I was recommended by the Officer Selection Board for a direct entry pilot. I was told I was quite high in the selection pool and to sit tight for an offer. After a month of waiting I recieved an offer and am leaving for Initial Officers Course in 4 weeks. I cannot thank Nick enough for his extremely detailed, structured and user friendly courses. Without completing each ADF Mentors course for the relevant selection stage, I would have been going in blind and can see now that I most likely would not of been offered a position.

If you want a serious chance at obtaining your dream career in the Defence Force, I highly recommend any of the ADF mentors training courses”

Timothy – RAAF Direct Entry Pilot (Age: 18)


You Session and Additional Testing Day Preparation Course

“The training helped indefinitely to prepare me for my aircrew testing. All of the practice tests, as well as the presentation were reflective of the actual testing done by DFR. I went for my Assessment Day the day after my testing and at every stage along the way I had the Nurses, Psychologists, Doctors and even my interviewer commenting on the results that I achieved. Not only did I get the correct answers, but I was completing some tests with 5 to 8 minutes left. The practice testing was very helpful and I found myself running over the simulation tests the night before and the morning before I went in order to boost my memory. By the time I got to the official tests it was like a breeze.

The training presentation and aptitude tests were spot on, easy to understand and was directly focused on what you would use on the day. The explanations on the mathematical side were also very clear and concise. I guess I’ve said enough already, if you do training with ADFmentors it’s the best chance you will have at getting through.”

Evan – RAAF Direct Entry Pilot (Age: 26)


You Session, Additional Testing Day and OSB Preparation Course

“Hi Guys,

Great news, I have been recommended for direct entry pilot. I was told that my position in the pool is quite high, so I am absolutely stoked.

I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent mentoring me, your presentations, the book and your OSB course were pivotal in my success at flight screening. I walked into the group activities and interview with confidence and performed really well. Absolutely stoked that the board could see I was suitable for a direct entry position.”

Alex – RAAF Direct Entry Pilot (Age: 19)


Additional Testing Day Preparation Course

The additional testing day preparation course from ADF mentors was incredibly helpful. All of the questions and supporting material was spot on with what DFR test hopeful pilots on. It certainly eased the nerves before going in and gave me a really great understanding of what was expected of me in order to make it through to the next phase. I would highly recommend it to any one about to go into their additional testing phase!

Richard – RAAF Fast Jet Pilot (Age: 27)


You Session and Additional Testing Day Preparation Packages. Also completed 30 minute interview call

“Having looked at the success rate to becoming a military pilot being something in the vicinity of two percent, I thought that I wouldn’t have stood a chance in an application to join the ADF, especially seeing as it was getting late in the year and I thought the likelihood of getting in was slim. However, I thought it was best to give it a go and see what happens, and I needed all the help that I could get to be able to pass the selection process. Thankfully, I came across exactly what I needed, to give me a shortcut to what I NEEDED to know, and nothing more. To begin with, I tried the ADFMentors online aptitude tests which gave me a good idea of what to expect for the YOU test and Specialist testing, and continued to practice similar questions. Take note guys, the types of questions that were asked there are EXACTLY what appear in the real thing! I highly recommend going for the Aptitude Preparation Packages as the failure rates are very high and you want to pass them with exceptional marks to be deemed competetive, they’ll prepare you to the level you need to be to get through with flying colours.

Additionally, “The Book” has to be one of the most comprehensive summations of everything that you need to know to become an ADF Pilot – it not only gives you information about the ADF itself, but other tips such as considering your personal motivations, and what sort of responses would raise a red flag in an interview. A lot of time can be wasted trying to search for what is quite honestly useless information, and if you’re applying late like me you want to waste as little time as possible as you are probably going to whiz through the selection process rather than if you were applying earlier like most people tend to. (It’d still be just as helpful if you were applying earlier, though!) It was an invaluable tool for getting a recommendation in both Assessment Day and the OSB. It’s no coincidence that the two people on our Flight Screening course who purchased “The Book” just happened to get a recommendation – it’s not a coincidence!

Complementing this was the over the phone tutoring sessions that came with completing the online aptitude testing as well as purchasing “The Book”. Nicholas was incredibly helpful in trying to schedule calls, especially as I was given limited notice regarding Flight Screening, and he managed to take the time out of his busy schedule to give me a 30 minute prep talk regarding the OSB and even the flying itself. I’ve never really experienced that sort of ‘customer service’, indeed I hesitate to call it as such because it was so much more – and it allowed me to realise where my true weaknesses were. It might not sound like a lot of time (believe me, it’s enough to get you sweating when you stumble on question) but it’s definitely a great way of trying to nail down any sort of shortcomings that you probably don’t even realise exist.

I highly recommend you complete the ADFmentors training packages as I am on my way to becoming a Pilot, my dream career and I couldn’t of done it without them.”

Robert – RAAF Fast Jet Pilot


Aptitude Preparation Packages and OSB Preparation Package

“Before I started my recruitment process to become a Defence Force Pilot I knew that I wanted to achieve the highest standard that I possibly could and give myself the best chance of receiving a high recommendation and subsequent job offer. So I enlisted the best help in the business. ADFmentors, have helped me through every stage of the recruitment process (the You Session, Additional Testing Day, Assessment Day and the Officer Selection Board) allowing me to have the upmost confidence in my abilities to perform in the aptitude testing and interviews. From my YOU session right up until Flight Screening, ADFmentors have been there to guide and train me through the specifics of each stage, with inside knowledge to help me shine and present myself as a high caliber candidate. I would like to personally thank Nick for all his help throughout the process, for all ways being available when I had a question or even just to talk me through some pre interview jitters. I have just received a recommendation from OSB and am now awaiting my letter of offer to start the training process to become a Fast Jet Pilot.”

Jeff – RAAF Fast Jet Pilot


Normal Pass Rate

The Additional Testing day is regarded as a very difficult stage to get through (especially with marks high enough to be identified as a competitive candidate), the average failure rate through this stage is 90% which we’ve clearly outlined on our pass rate page. If you want the best chance to succeed in the ADF Additional Testing then this training course will provide you with that, proven by our 98.3% pass rate that we have achieved from over 200 applicants that have taken this course before you.



Previously this Additional Testing Day training was priced at $647 + GST. However, as previously mentioned we have now converted the training to an online course and as such have been able to reduce the costs dramatically. In fact we have more than halved the cost of the training course, not to mention you no longer have to pay for travel and accommodation; you will now get all of the benefits of the original training package for $349 + GST.  

OFFER ON NOW: Receive a free copy of ‘The Book – For Pilots‘ when you purchase the course (email ‘’ to receive a coupon code after purchase)!


 Price = $349 (plus GST) – Purchase now and receive a free copy of The Book – For Pilots



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