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The interviews are the most important and challenging component of the Selection Process. They are used to determine your level of motivation and whether you have the qualities to be an Officer the Australian Defence Force (ADF). In order to be recommended you need to ensure you are more prepared than the person sitting next to you and that is exactly what this book offers.

We have spent hundreds of hours consolidating the most important information and laid it out for you in an easy to read and digestible format. The Interviewing Officers will be actively looking for certain qualities when you sit down in front of them. This book contains all of the knowledge you need and explains the qualities that they will be searching for.

‘The Book – For Officers’ was written and edited by people who have been through the ADF Recruitment Process themselves, been highly recommended and went on to train as Officers in their respective services. By using the tactics disclosed within, you will not only eliminate months of irrelevant study, but give yourself the best chance of receiving a high recommendation at the end of the Officer Selection Board.



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Here are a few testimonials from clients that have read ‘The Book’ before you (the names have been changed to protect the privacy of the candidates)!


Sarah – ARMY Nursing Undergraduate scholarship:

“I am a Nursing student and I decided to apply for the Undergraduate Scholarship program through Army. I spent countless hours trying to find information that might help my assessment day and of course my OSB but didn’t find anything of value. I came across ADFmentors and decided to invest in ‘The Book – for Officers’ to see what it was all about. After reading only a few pages I was really impressed with the wealth of knowledge that The Book contained and knew that I wanted to jump on to the OSB preparation course. 

Nick took the time to go through a mock one hour interview before my assessment day and although it was very confronting, it also put me one step ahead of most of the candidates that didn’t take the time to prepare. Upon going in to my assessment day it was obvious that a lot of the candidates hadn’t taken the time to thoroughly research their roles and it showed. I can honestly say that if I had not come across ‘The Book’ then I would have been unsure about my performance on the day but because of the knowledge it gave me, I was confident, calm and ready!”


Timothy – Army GSO Officer

“I’ve just been Highly Recommended at my OSB for RMC and ADF Mentors were the guys who put me on the right track. ADFmentors and ‘The Book’ is a MUST for those who want to succeed at becoming an Officer in the Australian Defence Force.”


Scott – RAAF Officer:

“If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent days/weeks trawling through websites trying to find anything that will give you an edge to becoming an officer in the ADF. Let me save you the thousands of dollars and time I wasted attending other courses and programs that claim to prepare you for the OSB. ADF Mentors is the most comprehensive, specialised and accurate course there is. I was a bit hesitant at first (as you may well be), however, after the first phone call with Nick and my subsequent purchase of ‘The Book’, most of my fears were allayed.

I sat in my Assessment Day interview worrying about whether or not the content in ‘The Book’ was accurate enough and if I would be recommended. It took about 2 minutes of questioning before I realised that I knew leaps and bounds more than any other applicant and I watched as the Navy interviewer grinned, closed the clipboard, put his pen down and said “we both know you know this position like the back of your hand and that I’m going to recommend you.”, we then spent the following 15 minutes just talking about our dogs, jobs, etc.

I was blown away at how easy the interview was once I had read, learnt and practiced what was in ‘The Book’. At this point, I instantly booked in for the OSB Preparation course. At every stage throughout the process, Nick would consistently call to give advice, provide feedback and find out how things went. The course was worth every dollar and out of the 6 candidates on the day, I was the only one who received no feedback for improvement from the board president and when I was asked “how do you think you went?”, I confidently answered “I’ve done a lot of study and preparation for this, so I’m confident I did well”, to which he responded “well you’re absolutely right”. I was then recommended and received a letter of offer 1 month later.

If you still have doubts about this course, feel free to ask Nick to get you in touch with me and I’m more than happy to provide a verbal reference. 

I cannot thank Nick and ADF Mentors enough for their assistance. Having under performed at school to the point where my scores did not meet the cut off to even apply for the ADF, I’m now off to Officers’ Training School for my dream career as an Air Combat Officer because of ADF Mentors.”


Timothy – Navy Officer:

“Reading through ‘The Book’ and completing a number of phone calls with Nick, helped me ease through the assessment day with confidence in my knowledge. Each question presented by the officer on the day was unbelievably similar to the practice questions in the back of ‘The Book’.”


Robert – RAAF Officer:

“The Book has to be one of the most comprehensive summations of everything that you need to know to become an ADF Officer – it not only gives you information about the ADF itself, but other tips such as considering your personal motivations, and what sort of responses would raise a red flag in an interview. A lot of time can be wasted trying to search for what is quite honestly useless information, and if you’re applying late like me you want to waste as little time as possible as you are probably going to whiz through the selection process rather than if you were applying earlier like most people tend to. (It’d still be just as helpful if you were applying earlier, though!) It was an invaluable tool for getting a recommendation in both Assessment Day and the OSB. It’s no coincidence that the two people on our Flight Screening course who purchased “The Book” just happened to get a recommendation – it’s not a coincidence!

Complementing this was the over the phone tutoring sessions that came with completing the online aptitude testing as well as purchasing “The Book”. Nicholas was incredibly helpful in trying to schedule calls, especially as I was given limited notice regarding Flight Screening, and he managed to take the time out of his busy schedule to give me a 30 minute prep talk regarding the OSB and even the flying itself. I’ve never really experienced that sort of ‘customer service’, indeed I hesitate to call it as such because it was so much more – and it allowed me to realise where my true weaknesses were. It might not sound like a lot of time (believe me, it’s enough to get you sweating when you stumble on question) but it’s definitely a great way of trying to nail down any sort of shortcomings that you probably don’t even realise exist.

I highly recommend you complete the ADFmentors training packages as I am on my way to becoming a Pilot, my dream career and I couldn’t of done it without them.”


Alex – RAAF Officer:

“Hi Guys, 

Great news, I have received a recommendation. I was told that my position in the pool is quite high, so I am absolutely stoked. 

I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent mentoring me, your presentations, The Book and your OSB course were pivotal in my success at flight screening. I walked into the group activities and interview with confidence and performed really well. Absolutely stoked that the board could see I was suitable for a direct entry position.”


Rebecca – ARMY GSO Officer:

“I knew if I wanted to achieve my dream of becoming an Officer in the Australian Army, I needed to be ahead of all the other candidates applying for the Royal Military College. ADF mentors provided me with the skills and knowledge to do exactly that. I highly recommend the OSB preparation course as it provided me with valuable resources such as “The Book” and feedback and training on how to not only improve my interview and public speaking skills, but stand out at my Officer Selection Board. Before I started I couldn’t do an impromptu oral presentation to save my life, but with the encouragement, training and feedback from Nick I was able to not only confidently do an impromptu oral presentation, but get a high recommendation at my Officer Selection Board.
If a career in the Australian Defence Force is your dream, then I highly recommend ADF mentors to help you make this dream a reality!

Thank you ADFmentors!”


Peter – RAAF Officer:

“Before attending my Assessment Day, I downloaded the ADF Mentors ‘The Book’. I found it was the most comprehensive book available. I eventually booked an Officer Selection Board Preparation course as I wanted to provide myself with the best chance of receiving a high recommendation. The experience and training provided by Ray and the ADFMentors team was exceptional and gave me a huge advantage over the other candidates. Thanks to their guidance over the course, I received a High Recommendation from the Officer Selection Board and I’m now awaiting a Letter of Offer. If anyone is interesting in pursuing a career as a Officer in the Australian Defence Force, I strongly recommend taking ‘The Book’ and these courses to give yourself the best chance possible of achieving your dream.”



With every download of the e-book over the next month we are also providing a free 30 minute tutoring call with one of our experienced mentors. In this tutoring call you can ask any questions in regards to the interviews, Assessment Day or Officer Selection Board. During this call we will also test your level of competence to see how you will perform during the interviews. This call is best conducted a few weeks before your interviews to ensure you have enough time to apply the feedback that you receive. To claim this tutoring call please email Ray on ‘r.johannes@adfmentors.com.au’ after you have purchased the e-book.


Price: Was $49.95. Now $39.95  – Limited time only!



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