Officer Entry

If you intend on entering into an Officer role, then you will be entering via the Officer Entry stream.

The Defence Jobs recruiting process for the Officer Entry stream contains up to three more steps then the General Entry recruiting process. The first is that for some Officer roles you will be required to undertake additional aptitude testing, which is scheduled in after your You Session (to find out if the role you are applying for requires additional testing speak to your Defence Recruiting case manager). The second step after you complete your assessment day will be to attend an Officer Selection Board. If you are applying to be a Pilot there is an additional step where you will be required to attend ASP (Pilot candidates attend OSB after this stage). The process for Pilots outlined in the Pilot Entry process.

A diagram outlining the Defence Jobs recruitment process and its relevant components for Officer Entry are listed below. You will note that the writing in blue is covered in our aptitude training, and the writing in green is cover in our interview training.




As you can see it is quite a long process and without the proper preparation you are setting yourself up to fail. The Overall point of the Defence Jobs recruitment process is to screen out the applicants who are unprepared and unmotivated and find the ones who are willing to work hard and are dedicated towards achieving their desired profession.

Pilot – Officer Entry

The Defence Jobs recruitment process to become a Pilot is exactly the same as the recruiting process to become an Officer in the ADF (keep in mind that Pilot applicants do complete addition aptitude testing) with the addition of one step.

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The Process

The Defence Jobs recruiting process to become an Officer is extremely competitive. It is designed to eliminate the candidates that are underprepared and find the ones that are truly motivated towards achieving their dream career.

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