The Defence Jobs recruitment process to become a Pilot in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is exactly the same as the recruiting process to become an Officer in the ADF (keep in mind that Pilot applicants do complete addition aptitude testing) with the addition of one step. After the assessment day you will be required to complete Flight Screening in Tamworth, NSW. This will consist of two weeks of flying, culminating with your ADF Officer Selection Board on the last two days.

A diagram outlining the Defence Jobs recruitment process and its relevant components for ADF Officer Entry for a Pilot is listed below. You will note that the writing in blue is covered in our aptitude training, and the writing in green is cover in our interview training.

ADF Pilot entry recruitment process

The ADF has been refining their Pilot testing process for more than 30 years in order to ensure they are only selecting the BEST and most prepared applicants. It is estimated that every year roughly 5000 candidates walk into ADF recruiting with the interest of becoming a Pilot, with only 120 starting Pilots course, this equates to approximately 2.4% of applicants being selected. The overall point of the recruitment process is to screen out the applicants who are unprepared and unmotivated and find the ones who are willing to work hard and are dedicated towards becoming a Pilot.

To be one of those 2.4% you need to be prepared, and that is EXACTLY what we offer through our training courses. To date 98.3% of our candidates who have completed our aptitude training have progressed to the assessment day and 99.7% of the candidates who completed our OSB one-on-one training have received a high recommendation after Flight Screening. This is our overall goal, for you to get a high recommendation and to start your dream career as a Pilot.