Assessment Day Training

Skype Assessment Day Preparation Course


The Assessment Day Preparation Course is 2.5 hours in length featuring a 2 hour Skype course plus a 30 minute follow up Skype call. This training is tailored to NCO’s and contains the following:





skype call



debrief notes






Cert IV training and assessment



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Further information about the Assessment Day Preparation Course:

The Assessment Day interviews will likely be the hardest and most competitive interviews you will experience in your life. It is a process where the most prepared applicants shine and the less prepared applicants get screened out. Just like any interview your chance of getting recommended increases dramatically through preparation. The Skype Assessment Day Preparation Course is focused on preparing you for the Assessment Day interviews by giving you a chance to experience the process before the actual day. This gives us the opportunity to identify your weak spots, provide experienced feedback and direction, refine your answers, remove potential ‘deal breakers’ and dramatically improve your chance of success.

The Skype Assessment Day Preparation Course has been designed for NCO applicants, as the Assessment Day is the culmination of the recruitment process for NCO’s where the final decision will be made whether to enlist you or not. If you are applying for an NCO position, then this is the course for you!


Price: $697 + GST



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