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    • What you get

      By signing up to our You Session Preparation Course, you will receive instant access to the following:

      • ADF Mentors Maths E-Book

        All the foundational maths you need to learn before progressing onto the aptitude questions in the presentation.

        • Mental arithmetic
        • Working with fractions and decimals
        • Basic algebra
        • Trigonometry and geometry
        • And more
      • You Session Training Presentation

        The You Session Training Presentation teaching you:

        • Every type of question in the You Session tests (over 60 types of questions)
        • The best techniques to solve these questions fast and accurately.
        • Video demonstrations to visually teach you the techniques
        • A practice quiz after each new question is introduced so you can practice the new technique immediately
        • Full aptitude tests that directly replicate the You Session tests in time and questions
        • A tutorial video explaining how to demonstrate the qualities they are looking for in the You Session interview
      • Quizzes

        • There are in excess of 60 quizzes in the presentation (hundreds of questions).
        • They are completed after each new question is introduced
        • Provides you the chance to practice the new techniques you have just learnt
        • Features a detailed breakdown of the questions you get correct and incorrect so you can identify your weak areas for further study
        • You can complete the quizzes as many times as you wish
      • Replication aptitude tests

        • In addition to the above quizzes you will also receive access to six online additional aptitude tests
        • These tests directly simulate the tests you will complete at the You Session
        • They contain the same amount of questions and time limits
        • Provides you a chance to practice all of the techniques you have just learned under the time pressure you will experience at the You Session
        • Features a detailed breakdown of the answers you get correct and incorrect so you can identify your weak areas for further study
        • You can complete the replication aptitude tests as many times as you wish
      • Review of Resume

        We will review your personal CV or resume and make recommendations including:

        • Structural changes
        • Formatting adjustments
        • Spelling and grammatical errors
        • Changes to align more with desired information
        • Additional information that needs to be added
      • Tutoring Assistance

        Mentors are available for a call if any questions arise during your study.

        • You will have access to mentors throughout the entire course for aptitude related questions or any additional questions
        • Ask any questions related to the remaining process you will encounter
        • Mentors are experienced with the Defence Recruitment process and have a Cert IV in Training and Assessment
      • Facebook Mastermind Group

        Access to our private Facebook Mastermind Group with experienced mentors.

        • You will have access to the mentors and past clients so you can ask any questions you have
        • A chance for us to post updated information about the selection process for you to benefit from
        • Speak with past clients that have already completed the aptitude tests and interviews so you can gain additional tips and tricks from them
        • Be kept accountable to ensure you are completing the course as planned
        • Be supported by a community of likeminded individuals applying for the Defence Force
    • Subscription length

      Three months access to the online training course with the option to extend!

    • Unlimited access

      Unlimited access to the quizzes and aptitude tests, complete them as many times as necessary!

    • Online Training

      Access the material online, anytime from anywhere!

    • I approached ADF Mentors with the aim of passing the Officer aptitude and maths test, but in the words of the army careers counsellor I ‘smashed’ it. My high results opened up every role to me and has now given me the confidence to push myself even further to realise my dream job. Thanks ADF Mentors!

      Navy - Aeronautical Engineer
    • Peace of Mind

    • Paypal verified

      We are Paypal verified to make payment easy and to ensure your security!

    • Money Back Guarantee

      A 100% money back guarantee. If you complete the entire training course and don’t get the results you need to progress for your desired role, let us know and we will provide you with a full refund.


      Qualified Trainers

      All of our training provided by professional Instructors qualified with a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

    • Our Online Training System


    • Hi Guys,

      I just wanted to thank you so much for your training package and all the assistance and advice you’ve provided to me leading up to my YOU session today. Today I received results that enable me to continue in my pursuit of becoming a Physiotherapy Officer, and I can’t thank you enough!

      ARMY Physiotherapy Officer
    • Training Outline

    • Upon purchasing the training course you will receive instant access to our Client Only Area where you can download the Maths E-book, complete the training presentation and complete all of the simulation aptitude tests.

      A detailed process of how the training is conducted is outlined:

      1. Once you register and have access to the Client Only Area you will be able to download the ADFmentors Maths E-Book. It covers the foundational maths that you need to know prior to commencing the online training presentation. It will take approximately three days to complete the maths book.
      2. Once you complete the Maths Book you will then complete the training course presentation (which is accessed through the Client Only Area). We introduce the questions to you one at a time and teach you the best techniques for answering them through videos and examples. You are then provided with a series of practice quizzes after each type of question is introduced to apply the techniques.
      3. The training presentation should take you around 16 hours to complete (you can break this up and come back to it as many times as you want), at the end of which are two simulation aptitude tests. These combine all of the questions you will have learnt and directly simulate the aptitude tests you will complete at the You Session.
      4. After you complete the training presentation you will complete four more simulation aptitude tests (also accessed through the Client Area). You can complete these a few days after you finish the training presentation to keep you refreshed up until your You Session.
      5. After or during the presentation you can contact one of our experienced mentors to ask any questions that arise during the training. They will also provide you with tailored feedback on how to further improve your aptitude test scores.
      6. You will have access to the online training presentation and aptitude tests for three months after purchasing the course (during which time you can complete them as many times as you wish).
    • Pass Rate

      Pass rate greater then 98%. Over 1200 candidates successful through the You Session!

    • Real Reviews

      Our reviews are real via FaceBook and Google. Be wary of companies that write their own without platform verification!

    • First Established

      The first recruitment training provider (est. 2013). All the rest are imitations.

    • I am writing to express my appreciation to your training, I just passed the aptitude test with extremely high marks and got the officer role I want.

      It would not be successful without your guidance .

      Thanks again!

      ARMY - GSO Officer
    • Ex-Defence Personnel

      All of our training is provided by Ex-Defence Personnel. You will get the best and most accurate advice possible!

    • Ongoing support provided

      We provide ongoing tutoring as needed, not just a once off course!

    • Quick and easy setup

      Sign up for instant access to the training course in just a few clicks!

    • secure Details

      Your personal details are secure and your information will never be disclosed to third parties!

    • Mailing list

      We do not have a mailing list and you will never receive spam mail from us!

    • Mentoring advice

      We provide career advice and mentoring to all of our clients free of charge!

    • You Session Training

      So far 98% of the clients (over 1200 individuals) that have undertaken this training course have passed their You Session and have been offered the career they desire, with the majority of candidates receiving a high recommendation.

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