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If you are applying for a position as an Officer in the Australian Military then you will eventually be required to sit an Officer Selection Board (OSB).

This is the final stage in the recruitment process where you will ultimately receive a recommendation or you won’t. The Officer Selection Board comprises of a number of Group activities that culminates in your Officer interview, where you are interviewed by three serving Officers (one from each service) and a Psychologist.

As with the aptitude tests, the key to doing well in the Officer Selection Board is practice. You must have comprehensive knowledge about the role that you are applying for and be able to express all of the qualities they require you to have as an Officer.

This is where we come in; with the right guidance and training we teach you exactly what you need to do to be recommended. First you will learn the qualities that the Officer board is looking for through our E-book (we have one that is specific to Pilots and one that is tailored for all other Officer candidates) and second you will complete the Officer Selection Board Preparation Course. This is an extremely in depth course that coaches you in a face to face environment so you can answer confidently under the pressure of the Officer Selection Board and present all of the qualities they want to see.

So far 97% of the clients (over 200) that have completed our Officer Selection Board Preparation Course have been recommended.