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    • The Book for Pilots

      What you’ll get inside:


      • Personal Characteristics

        How to demonstrate the personal characteristics the interviewers are looking for including:

        • The personal qualities and characteristics  the Officer Selection Board is searching for
        • How to demonstrate leadership qualities
        • The correct way to demonstrate motivation
        • How to align with the values of your desired service
      • Officer Training

        Information covering the Officer Training questions you will be asked during your interviews including: 

        • ADFA
        • GSO training – Army
        • SSO Training – Army
        • Air Force Officer Training
        • Navy Officer Training
      • Pilot Training

        Information covering the Pilot training you will complete and the questions you will be asked during your interviews including: 

        • Flight Screening
        • BFTS training breakdown
        • 2FTS training breakdown
        • COMSURV and AVMED training
      • Career Streams

        Information covering all of the different career streams your could pursue as a Pilot and the questions you will be asked during your interviews including: 

        • Fighter Pilot, Transport Pilot, Maritime Pilot, Rotary Pilot.
        • Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI), Fighter Combat Instructor (FCI), Test Pilot,  Roulettes, Overseas Exchange etc.
        • The conversion training required for each role!
      • Aircraft Location

        Information covering where all of the Flying bases and SQN’s are located and the questions you will be asked during your interviews including: 

        • Interactive map showing the location of Navy, Army and Airforce Bases
        • Which SQN’s are located at those bases
        • Which SQN’s the aircraft are located
        • Click on the aircraft at the SQN’s to see a breakdown of details for that aircraft!
      • Aerodynamics

        A breakdown of simple aerodynamics that will be asked during the interviews: 

        • Lift, drag, thrust, weight explanation
        • How a wing works 
        • The different types of aircraft engines used in the ADF
      • Required Knowledge

        Information covering the various categories that you will be asked about during your interviews including: 

        • The hierarchy in Defence (the chain of command) and the names/faces you need to know
        • The rank progression in all services in the Defence Force
        • Values of the three services in the Defence Force
        • The way each service is structured
        • A list of the acronyms commonly used in the ADF (they will use these during the interviews)
      • Defence History

        A brief overview of military history that is commonly targeted which covers: 

        • Brief history of the Australian Military
        • Brief WW1 history 
        • Brief WW2 history
        • Vietnam War and others 
        • Important dates that you will be questioned on; Anzac Day, Remembrance Day etc
      • Maths and Cognition

        How to answer questions you could be asked including: 

        • Quick mental arithmetic
        • Basic mathematical calculations
        • Cognitive questions


      • Group Activities

        A breakdown of the group activities completed during the OSB process including: 

        • The group activity process
        • Activities that may be completed
        • Insight into what the OSB panel is looking for regarding them so you can demonstrate the best of your leadership potential


      • Written examples

        A compilation of written examples including: 

        • Step by step instructions on how to prepare your answers
        • A case study of written examples detailing how one of our mentors prepared and answered all of their questions in the Officer Selection Board interview
        • A broad range of examples covering personal questions through to knowledge questions
        • You will see the principles we teach you in action and learn exactly how to prepare your own answers to convey the most important qualities 


      • Practice Questions

        An extensive list of practice questions that will be asked during the interviews: 

        • Personal characteristics
        • Knowledge questions
        • Gives you the opportunity to put into action what you have learnt throughout the book and create your own responses using the techniques we teach you
        • Practice our techniques using these questions to ensure you sound natural and organic on the day
      • Learning Activities

        A number of activities to assist in learning the material: 

        • Crosswords
        • Word searches
        • Puzzles
        • Covers the structure of the Defence Force, Officer Training, ADFA, aircraft locations, past wars, defence leaders, important dates etc
        • Enables you to assess how much information you have retained



      • Tutoring Call with Psychologist

        A 30 minute tutoring call with one of our experienced psychologists:

        • Conducted after you have finished reading The Book for Officers
        • Ideally conducted prior to your assessment day (however if the e-book is purchased after the assessment day, email us immediately and we will book it in)
        • We answer any of your questions and also complete some mock interview questions which assess your ability
        • You will receive tailored advice targeted at any weak areas we discover during the call
    • Mayson Rodda
      Mayson Rodda
      If you are serious about succeeding in a career in the ADF, the courses offered by ADF Mentors should be your top priority .
      The ADF Mentor team has been an extremely valuable resource throughout the selection process. I used ADF mentors through every stage of the process and it payed off. I would highly recommend the services provided to anyone looking at joining the ADF.
      Jake Duffus
      Jake Duffus
      I have been using ADF mentors ever since I started my RAAF Pilot application and over the 3 and half long years of going through the process. ADF Mentors has made the testing and interviews much more easier to sit. I personally have made it all the way through and am now waiting on my Letter Of Offer. So a huge thank you to Nick for giving me a massive hand in my ADF application process!
      Wayne Lording
      Wayne Lording
      Brilliant courses to help you pass your ADF aptitude for ADF selection. Very worthwhile and value for money. Nick has also been extremely helpful through the training. Highly recommended.
      Peter Hauser
      Peter Hauser
      I highly recommend ADF Mentors to anyone seriously considering a career in the ADF. Without Nick I would never have performed to my full potential at the OSB and the preparation he provided made all the difference. Thanks Nick!
      Apollo Cool
      Apollo Cool
      ADF Mentors prepared me for the gruelling selection process starting from the additional testing components to assessment day interview to the final officer selection board personal mentoring. Their knowledge and support were instrumental in my success in my application process.
      Francois Eckard
      Francois Eckard
      I cannot recommend ADF Mentors enough! I utilised all the materials from the YOU Sessions prep right through to the Officer Selection Board (OSB) mock interview package. I ended up getting a high recommendation at my OSB and I dare say was it not for ADF Mentors I would likely not have been prepared as well as I was. All I can say is do not even hesitate, just subscribe and use the material.
      Eran Kirk
      Eran Kirk
      The ADF Mentors YOU Session, additional day testing and ebook for pilots were absolutely essential in my successful performance at the different testing sessions with the ebook aiding in my recommendations at my Assesment day and my RAAF and RAN OSBs. Highly recommmend ADF mentors to anyone who is applying for the ADF.


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    • Francois Eckard
      Francois Eckard
      I cannot recommend ADF Mentors enough! I utilised all the materials from the YOU Sessions prep right through to the Officer Selection Board (OSB) mock interview package. I ended up getting a high recommendation at my OSB and I dare say was it not for ADF Mentors I would likely not have been prepared as well as I was. All I can say is do not even hesitate, just subscribe and use the material.
      Hugo Lamarque
      Hugo Lamarque
      On the 8th of April, I completed my OSB down in Canberra for the role of Aeronautical Engineer in the RAAF, after doing the face to face interview training with ADF Mentors. I have to say that with the training I received from Nicholas I was 10 times as ready as some of the other applicants. The layout of the day is exactly as he outlined, and all of the advice to do with the speeches, essays and the interview all were directly applicable to the events of the day and made me a more confident and relaxed applicant. I received a high recommendation on the day and the training from ADF Mentors without a doubt made a difference. I also completed an Online OSB on the 30th of September. I was recommended on the day and received my Letter of Offer for Pilot in the Air Force 3 weeks later, meaning I was near the top of the pool. I must say that once again, the training provided by ADF Mentors is what made me stand out from the rest of the applicants. I completed the Online Interview Training with Nicholas and as with the In-person OSB, the structure of the interview was exactly as he outlined. The questions and scenarios provided by Nicholas were extremely beneficial and similar to the real ones asked in my OSB, and his tips, tricks and skills that he provides you with are sure to make you one of the best applicants the will interview. I am not creating this review to show off my results, but to show everyone considering the ADF Mentors training that it is 100% worth it. Thanks to Nicholas, I now have the opportunity to work my dream job as a Fast Jet Pilot. I also used ADF Mentors for the YOU Test training and Pilot Aptitude training, and from my experience these are completely worth purchasing. The questions in the real tests were almost easier than the ones on the practice tests due to the accuracy of the courses. The Mentoring courses certainly helped me progress through my selection process. I highly recommend anyone thinking about purchasing any of the courses, whether it be the OSB, YOU Test or Pilot Aptitude, to do so immediately. It is the best resource for preparation and will make you stand out amongst the other applicants and help you achieve that high recommendation. Thank you Nicholas.
      Hersh Oberoi
      Hersh Oberoi
      Nicholas is a highly professional and knowledgable mentor. The Packages i used for OSB helped me unlock all jobs with the Defene forces. Really happy to have gone through the training
      Jake Campbell
      Jake Campbell
      The ADF mentors provide an excellent array of programs and information that will give anyone the tools they need to succeed during the recruitment process. I personally utilised their YOU session, Additional pilot testing and Skype OSB packages. With Nick's guidance for the OSB's in particular, I was able to understand where my weaknesses were and how I could improve. This resulted in me being recommended by both the Air force and Navy. I would like to thank Nick and the team once again, and assure anyone who is on the fence, that it is well worth it.
      Solomon Mesfin
      Solomon Mesfin
      Totally worthwhile investment which may mean the difference in career outcome/path. Nicholas is professional, dependable and provides great resources on the path to preparing for an Officer selection Board in as close to a perfect replica you can get. Highly recommend for anyone seriously wanting to pursue being an officer and achieving a good recommendation.
      Rob Macgregor
      Rob Macgregor
      For younger candidates, sometimes the decision whether or not to use ADF Mentors involves parents. Recently my son enlisted the help of ADF Mentors for an ADF application and specifically the OSB. As a parent, I am very pleased about this decision, as it was extremely beneficial in terms of both preparation and building confidence. ADF Mentors helped him develop and practice the skills needed to excel in the OSB. Nicholas was always willing to answer questions and offer feedback. To other parents in the same position, I would definitely recommend the ADF Mentors training, resources and support.
      Beau Dalwood
      Beau Dalwood
      ADF mentors is amazing at getting you up and passed the standard the interviewers are looking for. Nick will give you the tricks and techniques to shine in the OSB. He will assist in using your strengths to your advantage and developing your weaknesses into assets. Nicks guidance in improving the parts I failed in an OSB years ago was noticed by the interviewers as strengths in my last board for which I just got recommended in. I highly recommend this investment into your future career, whether you are direct, or a current serving member trying to commission.
      Angus Capaldi
      Angus Capaldi
      ADFmentors has been an essential part of my preparation for application to the ADF. The YOU Session practice tests and presentation were very thorough and similar to the actual tests, which helped me to get a very high score. Nicholas was very insightful with his advice for the interviews at the Assessment Day and allowed me to feel confident going into the interviews. For anyone applying to the ADF, I cannot recommend this course highly enough.
      Hardeep Singh Tiwana
      Hardeep Singh Tiwana
      The entire course was great help. I was able to clear my aptitude test and recommended for my OSB. definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get through the selection process.
      Ron Mookhoek
      Ron Mookhoek
      My son has gone through different modules of the ADF mentors programme in preparation for his RAAF pilot selection. It has helped him tremendously. The content of the various courses he participated in were precise, up to date and it is very evident that Nick is exceptional knowledgeable regarding all the material. Nick makes the modules very interesting, practical and detailed. All the exercises and Skype practice interviews in particular were very useful. The OSB preparation was very helpful as well. Being ex Air Force and currently Airline pilot myself, I highly recommend ADF Mentors, it has certainly helped my son who now has a recommendation for RAAF pilot..

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