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    • The Book for Officers

      What You Get

      In purchasing ‘The Book’ you will receive the following:

      • Personal Characteristics

        How to demonstrate the personal characteristics the interviewers are looking for including:

        • The personal qualities and characteristics  the Officer Selection Board is searching for
        • How to demonstrate leadership qualities
        • The correct way to demonstrate motivation
        • How to align with the values of your desired service
      • Officer Training

        Information covering the Officer Training questions you will be asked during your interviews including: 

        • ADFA
        • GSO training – Army
        • SSO Training – Army
        • Air Force Officer Training
        • Navy Officer Training
      • Knowledge Questions

        Information covering the various categories that you will be asked about during your interviews including: 

        • The hierarchy in Defence (the chain of command) and the names/faces you need to know
        • The rank progression in all services in the Defence Force
        • Values of the three services in the Defence Force
        • The way each service is structured
        • A list of the acronyms commonly used in the ADF (they will use these during the interviews)
      • Defence History

        A brief overview of military history that is commonly targeted which covers: 

        • Brief history of the Australian Military
        • Brief WW1 history 
        • Brief WW2 history
        • Vietnam War and others 
        • Important dates that you will be questioned on; Anzac Day, Remembrance Day etc
      • Maths and Cognition

        How to answer questions you could be asked including: 

        • Quick mental arithmetic
        • Basic mathematical calculations
        • Cognitive questions


      • Group Activities

        A breakdown of the group activities completed during the OSB process including: 

        • The group activity process
        • Activities that may be completed
        • Insight into what the OSB panel is looking for regarding them so you can demonstrate the best of your leadership potential


      • Written examples

        A compilation of written examples including: 

        • Step by step instructions on how to prepare your answers
        • A case study of written examples detailing how one of our mentors prepared and answered all of their questions in the Officer Selection Board interview
        • A broad range of examples covering personal questions through to knowledge questions
        • You will see the principles we teach you in action and learn exactly how to prepare your own answers to convey the most important qualities 


      • Practice Questions

        An extensive list of practice questions that will be asked during the interviews: 

        • Personal characteristics
        • Knowledge questions
        • Gives you the opportunity to put into action what you have learnt throughout the book and create your own responses using the techniques we teach you
        • Practice our techniques using these questions to ensure you sound natural and organic on the day
      • Learning Activities

        A number of activities to assist in learning the material: 

        • Crosswords
        • Word searches
        • Puzzles
        • Covers the structure of the Defence Force, Officer Training, ADFA, past wars, defence leaders, important dates etc
        • Enables you to assess how much information you have retained



      • Tutoring Call

        A 30 minute tutoring call with one of our experienced mentors:

        • Conducted after you have finished reading The Book for Officers
        • Ideally conducted prior to your assessment day (however if the e-book is purchased after the assessment day, email us immediately and we will book it in)
        • We answer any of your questions and also complete some mock interview questions which assess your ability
        • You will receive tailored advice targeted at any weak areas we discover during the call
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    • I’ve just been Highly Recommended at my OSB for RMC and ADF Mentors were the guys who led me to this result. ADFmentors and ‘The Book’ is a MUST for those who want to succeed at becoming an Officer in the Australian Defence Force.

      Army GSO Officer
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