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    • Officer Selection Board Preparation Course


      This Face to Face course is one day in length and contains a follow up Skype session, it focuses on the most important components that are assessed during the Officer Selection Board and teaches you how to present those qualities even when under an immense amount of pressure.

    • Australian Owned

      We are Australian owned and operated.

    • Ex-Defence Personnel

      All mentoring is provided by Ex-Defence personnel. No international tutors!

    • Satisfaction Guaranteed

      We guarantee your satisfaction 100% or your money back!

    • Location

      The OSB Preparation Course is conducted in our Brisbane Office and is one full day in length.

      Around 70% of our clients are interstate and as such simply travel to Brisbane for the day.

    • Hi Guys,

      Great news, I have been recommended for direct entry pilot. I was told that my position in the pool is quite high, so I am absolutely stoked.

      I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent mentoring me, your presentations, the book and your OSB course were pivotal in my success. I walked into the group activities and interview with confidence and performed really well. Absolutely stoked that the board could see I was suitable for a direct entry position.

      RAAF - Direct Entry Pilot
    • Pass Rate

      Pass rate greater then 98%. Over 1000 candidates successful through interview stages.

    • Real Reviews

      We have real reviews via FaceBook and Google. Be wary of companies that write their own without platform verification!

    • First Established

      The first defence training provider (est. 2013). All the rest are imitations.

    • Officer Selection Board Preparation Course

      What You Get

      During the course you will receive the following:

      • A Questionnaire

        A questionnaire before the course covering:

        • An introduction to you, your background and your aspirations
        • Checking your current level of preparation so I can give you areas to focus on before the Skype training
        • Identifying your weak areas so we can tailor the Skype training to best suit you
      • E-book for Officers or Pilots – Valued at $49

        A free copy of The Book – For Officers or The Book – For Pilots (depending on what what you’re applying for) which covers:

        • Personal Characteristics
        • Officer Training, Defence History and other Knowledge Questions
        • Maths and cognition
        • Group activités
        • Practice questions and written examples
        • Learning activities
      • Mock OSB Interviews

        Mock OSB interviews covering:

        • The best techniques for answering questions
        • Adapt your life experiences and answers to fit these techniques
        • How to improve your body language
        • Eliminate answers you are giving that send up red flags
        • Multiple demonstrations of how your answers should be given
        • Coaching on knowledge, technical and personal questions
      • Essays

        You will complete four 30 minutes essays which include:

        • A variety of topics that are commonly encountered on the day
        • How to demonstrate what the OSB panel is looking for!
        • Feedback for all of the essay and advice for how to improve
      • Group Discussions

        Training for the variety of group discussions you will complete including:

        • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
        • How to demonstrate leadership skills during these experiences
        • The common discussion topics that are encountered
        • What to focus on to demonstrate the the desirable qualities of an Officer
      • Outdoor activities

        Training for the variety of outdoor activities you will complete including:

        • How to demonstrate the desired leadership skills
        • The common activities that are encountered
        • Typical mistakes and how to avoid them
        • Practical advice for you to stand out in a positive way
      • Oral Presentations

        Oral presentation training covering:

        • Impromptu oral presentations that will be completed during your OSB
        • Demonstrations on what a great oral presentation looks like
        • Exposure to a variety of topics that are commonly targeted. 
        • How to stand out against all of the candidates
        • Strategies to demonstrate the command characteristics being assessed
      • Video recordings

        Before and after video recordings for:

        • OSB interviews
        • Oral presentations
        • To take home and review when you are completing the at home activities!
      • Follow-up work

        Extensive debrief notes and homework covering:

        • How to demonstrate your personnel characteristics aligned more closely with the qualities assessed by the interviewers. 
        • Areas of follow up surrounding the knowledge questions you answer incorrectly. 
        • A strategy to improve your results for the follow up Skype call.
        • Additional oral presentation topics to practice.
        • Additional Essays and follow up readings to complete
      • Skype Tutoring Session

        Skype tutoring session after course including:

        • OSB interview, to refresh and consolidate techniques
        • Further practice for oral presentations
        • Review of additional essays that were completed
        • Final feedback for OSB interviews and Group Activities
        • Answer any final questions
    • Course dates

      We conduct the training days from Monday to Friday to align with your availability!

    • Unlimited access

      Unlimited access to mentors via email or phone to ask any follow up questions!

    • Online access

      All pre-course material downloaded from the internet for convenience and to save you costs!

    • I am a Nursing student and I decided to apply for the Undergraduate Scholarship program through Army. I came across ADFmentors and decided to invest in ‘The Book – for Officers’ to see what it was all about. After reading only a few pages I was really impressed with the wealth of knowledge that The Book contained and knew that I wanted to jump on to the OSB preparation course.

      Nick took the time to go through a mock one hour interview before my assessment day and although it was very confronting, it also put me one step ahead of most of the candidates that didn’t take the time to prepare. Upon going in to my assessment day it was obvious that a lot of the candidates hadn’t taken the time to thoroughly research their roles and it showed. I can honestly say that if I had not come across ‘The Book’ then I would have been unsure about my performance on the day but because of the knowledge it gave me, I was confident, calm and ready!

      ARMY Nursing Undergraduate scholarship
    • Peace of Mind


      Review of Personal CV or Resume

      We will review your personal CV or resume and make recommendations.


      Qualified Trainers

      Training provided by professional Instructors qualified with a Cert IV in Training and Assessment


      Money Back Guarantee

      A 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the training we provide, simply tell us before the end of the training course and we will provide you with a full refund. We are so confident in our training that we want to create a risk free environment for you to learn in. Not satisfied, don’t pay. It’s that simple!

    • Officer Selection Board Preparation Course

      The Officer Selection Board will likely be the hardest and most competitive interview process you will experience in your life.

      It is a process where the most prepared applicants shine and the less prepared applicants get screened out. Just like any interview your chance of getting recommended increases dramatically through preparation. We have been conducting our face to face OSB preparation course for over four years now and you will receive training that put you in the top echelon of candidates. This training course focuses on the most important components that are assessed during the Officer Selections Board and teaches you how to present these qualities, even when under an immense amount of pressure. 

      The OSB Preparation Course gives you a chance to experience the activities before the actual day. This provides the opportunity to identify your weak spots, provide experienced feedback and direction, refine your answers, remove potential ‘deal breakers’ and dramatically improve your chance of successThe training course is run face to face with a one instructor to one student ratio to provide you with the highest degree of feedback and attention during the training.

      Our E-book for Officers (or Pilots) provides you with an introduction to the questions you will be asked during the interviews (as well as a consolidated resource of all of the knowledge you need to learn). This training course is where you learn HOW to apply the techniques in practice, how to do it under pressure and gives us a chance to instruct you on how to improve your answers that are not demonstrating the desired qualities.

    • Payment Details

      We accept bank deposit for the OSB Course for greater security!

    • Ongoing support provided

      We provide ongoing tutoring as needed, not just a once off course!

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      Sign up for the training course in just a few clicks!

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      Your personal details are secure and your information will never be disclosed to third parties!

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      We do not have a mailing list and you will never receive spam mail from us!

    • Mentoring advice

      We provide career advice and mentoring to all of our clients free of charge!

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    • Officer Selection Board Preparation Course

      This Face to Face course is one day in length and contains a follow up Skype session, it focuses on the most important components that are assessed during the Officer Selection Board and teaches you how to present those qualities even when under an immense amount of pressure.

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