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Skype OSB Preparation Course

Skype OSB preparation course

The ADF Officer Selection Board will likely be the hardest and most competitive interview process you will experience in your life. It is a process where the most prepared applicants shine and the less prepared applicants get screened out. Just like any interview however your chance getting recommended is increased dramatically through preparation. We have created The Skype OSB preparation course for those those candidates that can’t travel to attend our Face to Face OSB Course.

Our Skype training course focuses on the most important components that are assessed during the Officer Selections Board and teaches you how to present these qualities that the interviewers are looking for, even when under immense amounts of pressure. This training course is run with a one instructor to one student ratio over Skype to provide you with the best possible feedback and attention during the training.

Our E-book for Officers (or Pilots) gives you an introduction to the interviewers and outlines how to prepare your answers; this training course is where you learn HOW to present these qualities, how to do it under pressure and gives us a chance to instruct you on how to improve your answers that are not portraying the personality traits you need to.


A more detailed breakdown of the Skype OSB preparation course is outlined below:

3 hour training course plus a 30 minute follow up Skype call after the training course (total 3.5 hours)


  • A questionnaire before the course covering:

– An introduction to you, your background and your aspirations

– Checking your current level of preparation so we can give you areas to focus on before the face to face training

– Identifying your weak areas so we can tailor the face to face training to best suit you


  • One on one OSB interview coaching


  • Mock OSB interview


– Go over best techniques for answering questions, to maximise the information you transmit in the time given.

– Adapt your life experiences and answers to fit these techniques.

– Eliminate answers you are giving that send up red flags.

– Multiple demonstrations of how your answers should be given for maximum effect.

– Coaching on knowledge, technical and personal questions.


  • Overview of Group Activities and coaching on the best way to perform


  • Tuition on oral presentation activities during the OSB with examples of presentations


For Pilot candidates the last 30 minutes will be spent on:


  • Flight Screening

– Information regarding Flight Screening (for Pilot candidates)

– Tips for Flight Screening

– Guidance on how to get the most out of every flight


Price:  $850 + GST


Money back guarantee:  We are so confident that you will find this training course useful that if you don’t we will give you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.*




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